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Solutions for Project Recovery

Avoid the risk of project failure: rescue or recover projects that could undermine your business and damage your reputation. Our project recovery specialists will ensure your projects get back on track, if it is at all possible.

You can do this by bringing us in: we’re the project turnaround troubleshooters, able to avoid or mitigate damage by rescuing failed projects or recovering those that haven’t even got started, have gone astray or are not delivering what you planned.

By recognising the need for project recovery, you’ve already made the most important step down the path of changing direction and limiting the damage that can be caused. We can help you by using our unique skills and experience to bring about the optimum outcome in a mutually agreed timeline and as close to the original as possible.

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How we do it

We react quickly

We respond to stabilise and prevent further degradation of the situation, taking control, owning the delivery and risk.

We will identify the problems and rationalise the situation against your plans and expectations, undertaking a Gap Analysis which enables us to redesign and run the project to your timeline.

We will troubleshoot and ensure, if at all possible, your project recovery.

Major event/Crisis response

Major event/Crisis analysis

We provide instant assistance based on analysis of critical situations either as planned mitigation or incident resolution.

Major event/Crisis planning

We provide consultancy and practical assistance in planning for major production or commercially impacting events.

Major event/Crisis solutions design

We will assist your organisation with crisis resolution and contingency planning to enable continuity of services.

Major event/Crisis leadership

We are experts in Leadership – professionally qualified and highly experienced – so we can assist with organisational change planning and design. We can also take ownership of your problems and issues in order to allow your staff to carry on with their own work, maintaining full services to customers and clients.

Project recovery

C.A.L.M methodology

We will provide professional Training & Consultancy in this unique and highly regarded methodology.

Projects that go wrong

Immediate support and professional management to take ownership of your failing project – we will and design a resolution and ultimate delivery.

Recovering projects that go wrong

We will find a method/route to deliver your project as required and agreed.

We don’t believe in failure – but sometimes you need a new approach and radical thinking to redefine and deliver a project that isn’t working.

Project recovery

We provide full recovery services: from a re-analysis of the requirements, a new definition of delivery success and an iterative method of project resolution

Business continuity

Scenario Planning and Contingency Design

We run workshops with you to produce real life scenarios and develop contingent countermeasures and “actions on” processes.

Disaster Recovery Management & Planning

We run workshops with you to develop contingent countermeasures and “actions on” processes.

Business Continuity Planning

We run workshops with you to develop a plan of action to ensure continuing project activities, or planned obsolescence.

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Project & Business Recovery

Negotiate & Agree –

  • Joint methods of working.
  • Time, Cost and Benefits.
  • Action.
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Take ownership of the Recovery.

Establish –

  • Position of control.
  • Mitigation plan ASAP.

For new clients where A2D are called in to assist and once agreed –

  • Control will be then be established.
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Initial “As Is” analysis.

Define –

  • Full assessment of the situation.
  • The impact and establish any further peripheral damage that may occur.
  • Tactical processes that can be easily deployed to mitigate the situation.
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Motivate and Delegate.

Provide –

  • Mitigation project team to establish a finger in the dyke position.
  • Strategic plan to resolve the deeper issue of why this happened in the first place.
  • Re-planning of the implementation of services or products.
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Maintain & Implement.

Realise –

  • Deployment of full measures to resolve the situation and establish full control of all aspects of the failure.
  • Agreed exit strategy with the client.
  • Follow up maintenance and training.

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